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May 24, 2016
Blindsocial return after maintenance mode Welcome The blindsocial team for comprehensive maintenance condition of the site for the purpose of moving it to the servers with high potential: good security Now he's back with new features: high safety and fast: browsing New Server features: 1 increase the security of the site: the site has become more safe than before in terms of security systems and chat 2 speed of site: the site has become far more quickly than what it was before. 3. Add unlimited lifting attachments: all members of blindsocial share music, video and file sharing on the messenger indefinitely: as we add additional speed to upload files on server: 4 design application for BlindSocialMessenger on smartphones running Android and IOS: next month will apply BlindSocialMessenger available on google play and Apple store allows you to download the application and chat with your friends in an easy application allows voice calls and video calls: send voice messages and share files: And least we apologize for the delay which occurred during maintenance mode: emergency reasons forced us to delay: Thanks to our Greetings blindsocial team
April 21, 2016
blindsocial in maintenance mode for a limited period Hello site will put the maintenance for a limited period Why Transfer website on the largest and high-speed servers To ensure continuity of service To increase safety And add new features Thank you for your understanding